The Filmmaker - Ben Stassen

A graduate of USC’s School of Cinema and Television, Ben began his career producing My Uncle’s Legacy, a film which earned him a Golden Globe nomination for Best Foreign Language Film in 1990. During the making of his second feature, he was introduced to Little Big One (LBO), a high-end computer graphics company based in Brussels, Belgium.  Ben joined LBO and suggested that they produce a ride simulation film using computer generated imagery (CGI) which could be exhibited in high-end venues and earn worldwide recognition for the company.  With the participation of Showscan Entertainment, Devil’s Mine Ride was a tremendous success and set the precedent for the format.

In partnership with Brussels-based CGI company Movida-Trix, Ben went on to produce and direct a string of hit ride simulation films including Glacier Run, Volcano Mine Ride, RGB Adventure, Kid Coaster and Magic Carpet. This established Ben as the leader in production and distribution of content for the location-based entertainment market.


In 1996, nWave Pictures produced its first feature-length giant screen film directed by Stassen, Thrill Ride: The Science of Fun, co-financed with and distributed by Sony Pictures Classics.  Thereafter, Movida -Trix and nWave joined together to form nWave Studios which, under Ben’s direction, has produced several giant screen films including, 3D Mania, Encounter in the Third Dimension, Alien Adventure, Haunted Castle , SOS Planet, Wild Safari and African Adventure.


Turning to full-length feature film production, Ben directed the company’s first fully-animated stereoscopic film, Fly Me To The Moon,  released worldwide in 2008, and followed that success with Sammy’s Adventure:The Secret Passage (2010), Sammy 2: Escape from Paradise (2012), African Safari (live action 2013)  and The House of Magic (2014).
Ben is currently producing and directing the company’s fifth, fully digital, feature-length film.
“The digital revolution is transforming the way nature films are being made.The advent of small digital cameras is making it possible to capture the wildlife at very close range. Instead of positioning the viewer as a distant observer watching the scene through long lenses, we bring the audience right into the middle of the action.  Using state-of-the-art 3D technologies for the production of Wild Cats 3D, we were able to enhance the sense of physical immersion like never before.  I hope you will enjoy this up close and personal encounter with Africa's majestic cats”



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